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  • A thorough examination of the window and frame conditions is done and photographs are taken on site. A condition report and cost quotation are presented based on the findings. Once the specifics are approved, the restoration process begins.

  • A lift or scaffolding is set up and the windows are carefully removed. Storm glass protection remains in place while the stained glass is transported to the studio for work.

  • Photos are taken and rubbings made to document a map of the window.

  • All window sections are completely dismantled removing all lead and preserving as much existing glass as possible. Broken glass may be edge glued, leaded or replaced matching original glass type and painting techniques. Painted glass is then fired for permanency.

  • The window is re-assembled and re-glazed with new virgin lead and solder; matching original came width.

  • Cementing is done by brushing a glazing compound between the glass and lead on both sides forming a strong bond between the materials, providing strength and waterproofing.

  • Structural reinforcing is done with steel bars soldered to each large section for maximum support.

  • Final cleaning of each section is done before the windows are transported back to the church and re-installed into frames that have been restored or replaced.

  • Once stained glass has been completely restored it is like new again and will continue to provide inspiration for generations to come.


At Gilbertson's Stained Glass Studio, every project is unique as our team designs and creates one-of-a-kind leaded glass art for private residences in a variety of settings. Bringing value to your investment, custom glass makes a dramatic first impression adding character and a quality of high standards to any room of your home.

Whatever your design style is, we work with each client on a personal level from concept through installation, matching your insight with our expertise in artistry, bringing your vision to form.

Communication is important as we collaborate our services with the individual homeowner, interior designers, architects and building contractors. Historically architects including Frank Lloyd Wright have incorporated leaded glass in their home designs for a distinctive and totally individual look.

Our services include...

  • Hand Painted, Beveled, Leaded & Etched Glass

  • Entryways, French Doors, Sidelights, Transom panels

  • Cabinet Inserts, Kitchens, Baths, Privacy Glass

  • Stained Glass Appraisals Restoration and Repair

  • Custom Design, Installation

Whether building a new home, renovating, or making improvements custom glass is an excellent choice. Above all, insist on quality; enhance your new construction or existing space with Gilbertson's Stained Glass Studio's beautiful glass creations. The funds and effort you spend on your project is well worth it.

We invite you to visit our Studio and Museum Style showroom in Lake Geneva, for a no obligation consultation.


Complimenting the architecture of numerous public buildings, Gilbertson's Stained Glass Studio has completed new glasswork and restoration projects for Restaurants, Irish Pubs, Hospitals, Secular Chapels, Schools, Libraries, Corporate Offices and many more.

Drawing on our many years of professional artistry and craftsmanship we take an organizations initial objective and transform it into a public art form to be admired and appreciated by a large audience.

Gilbertson's Stained Glass Studio has the qualifications to provide our clients with complete service from development to glass fabrication and installation. We have a long history of working with architects, interior designers and building contractors and have a reputation for efficiency in meeting deadlines and staying on budget.


Religious Stained Glass

A spirit of pride is evident in all of our stained glass. At Gilbertson's Stained Glass Studio, we understand the different values of religious symbolism and are knowledgeable in all the ancient traditions of stained glass artistry.

Traditional stained glass design involves a significant amount of hand painting and shading techniques in creating highly figurative scenes, time honored symbols and decorative borders.

Whether your church is under new construction or complementing an existing structure our skilled artists utilize both old and new techniques in glasswork that signifies the traditional vision of your place of worship.

Drawing on a century of professional artistry in ecclesiastical stained glass, we take your inspiration and transform it into an everlasting art form to be admired and appreciated by a large audience. Communication between the studio and its client is the key to a successful project in meeting deadlines and staying on budget.

We encourage committee members to set up a tour of our facility. This helps in understanding all of the stages in the specialized stained glass process.

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